I STRONGLY RECOMMEND. Whether you have an eye emergency or you just need a regular eye exam, go see Dr. Sylvie. I got a cut on my eye at 7pm on a Sunday, and she was willing to drop everything and meet me at her office by 7:30pm to get me taken care of. That was the second eye cut I have had in the past year. The first one I went to the emergency room. Going to the emergency room cost me 6x more money and did almost nothing to help. As long as I live in Houston, I will continue to see the kind and professional Dr. Sylvie at Eye Care Associates for anything ocular.
Zaid (Dec. 2015)

Dr. Sylvie is a lifesaver! I accidentally scratched my eye with my finger nail of course after hours so I google searched a few places and found an emergency number on their website and called. Dr. Sylvie took me right in. I was in so much pain and as soon as I got to the office, she numbed my eye and I felt a million times better. She explained every step that she proceeded to do and put me at ease. Thank you Dr. Sylvie!
Brittany (Jan. 2016)

I got a really bad red eye over the weekend and panicked so decided to go to one of those ‘emergency clinics.’ Such a terrible decision. Not only did I pay lots of $$$ to see not a doctor but a PA, apparently they gave me a drop that could melt my cornea!! Since the drop they prescribed me didn’t do anything for my eye, I decided to get a second opinion at Eye Care Associates. Dr. Sylvie immediately knew what I had and prescribed me the correct eye drops. Now I know to go to Dr. Sylvie for eye emergencies rather than those emergency places!
Malik (Jan. 2016)