If you have inadequate tear production due to dry eyes, TrueTear may be right for you! This small device actually uses neurostimulation to activate the production of more natural tears in your eyes. TrueTear sends small pulses of energy toward your nasal cavity to receptors that initiate the increased tear production.

The neuroreceptors that receive the pulse communicate with the brain, which in turn sends nerve signals to the areas near the tear gland. This causes the tear glands to naturally increase their moisture level, helping people with dry eyes find relief.

TrueTear is a small, compact, easy to use device that has helped countless people with dry eyes. All it takes is pushing the button a few times and waiting for your eyes to produce all natural tears! It is also easily rechargable.

There is also a TrueTear app for iPhones that will allow you to track your results and enhance your experience via Bluetooth!

If you think TrueTear could help relieve you from dry eyes, contact us today at (713) 621-9001. We would be happy to speak with you and answer any questions you might have.