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Keeping Your Eyes Healthy In the Texas Heat

Texas heat is known for being difficult to deal with, but people often overlook eye care when they are planning their strategies to beat the heat. Eyes require protection from the sun’s rays and they must be kept moistened during Texas’s dry heat of summer. Intense heat coupled with dust can create an uncomfortable eye […]

Diabetes And Your Eyes

Diabetes And Your Eyes

Diabetes affects your blood sugar level by decreasing the production of insulin by pancreatic beta cells. But, apart from impacting your glucose metabolism does it impact other tissues and systems within your body? Yes, of course, it does. Your immune system is compromised that might lead to infections, you are at higher risk of cardiovascular […]

5 things to know about computer vision problems

5 Things To Know About Computer Vision Problems

In today’s world, many people spend long amounts of time in front of their computers. The need to refocus your vision over and over as you use an electronic device is a part of using computers and tablets.  However, this can put a lot of strain on your eyes, possibly leading to what is know […]

treatment for dry eyes

Treatment for Dry Eyes

We often fail to think of the body and its individual components until something hurts or becomes uncomfortable. There are 206 bones, at least 640 muscles, and at least 87 organs in our bodies. Each of these components is broken down even more and there are more classifications and ways to categorize the systems that […]

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